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About me,myslf and I

name:^-^ God's baby girl
birthday:june 11

Unlimited Wish List:
*to see my father again

*to have my own butler( >=) he must be a old guy just like the one in the Batman cartoon)

*^_^ to have unlimited amount of my favorite video games,books,clothes,etc

*to get into heaven( -.- if i don't,it's because of this blog)
loves: *loves alot of games like board games, video games,PC games, even >-< Black Jack
*food but not spicy food (=D sorry.. delicate stomach)
*my friends (from writers and book worms to skaters to librarians to gamers to wanabe singers and rappers to very intelligent honor students)
*books (all kinds..even horror and comedy)




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anime visions

Thursday, May 6, 2010

-.- Well... I'm not gonna keep you waiting because I know some of you have a life (^-^; even though I don't) but... For all you New comers.....Manga (in short terms >-<) is just a japanese word for "comic book". WHAT?! O-O YOU DIDN'T KNOW UNTIL NOW?! ^-^; my advise to you is "DON'T TRIP!!!!" meaning "Don't worry about it!" =D 'Cause thats what i'm here for! I'm here to teach you from what's HOT and what's NOT. Besides..T-T it took me 8 YEARS to figure out what it was. So..as I try to get new comers at the nursing homes, always remember 'Your still a kid at heart'. O-O WHAT?! YOU HATE MY VOICE?! YOU WANT TO MOVE ON?!>-<>

ichiyaoi girl was alone 7:00 AM

* * *

HELLSING by Kohta Hirano
>=D If you ( YES YOU!!!!!!) have a incessant, or never-ending urge for Action, Guns, Blood, or/and Women, than this manga is just for you!

ichiyaoi girl was alone 6:11 AM

* * *

Story: In order to defend the Queen from vampires, ghouls, and many other deformed looking creatures, a secret organization in England named,"HELLSING" must eliminate all that's a threat to the Queen. Even if it means using Guns, Special bullets, and even O-O another vampire aganist another vampire?!

ichiyaoi girl was alone 6:10 AM

* * *

Aqua by Kozue Amano

Warning: >=0 THIS BOOK SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only does this book puts you to sleep, but there is nothing to catch the reader's interest! I'll have more fun going into a hanger, or a storage for airplanes,eat lunch and stare at each plane in there for an hour before i pick up any volumes for Aqua again. =D To tell you the truth, I actually like the cover and the drawings of Aqua, ^-^;but with a story like that, they should of Abridge, or shorten it to one book instead of continuing the series.

ichiyaoi girl was alone 6:09 AM

* * *

Friday, May 15, 2009

After 150 years in the future, located on the planet Mars, in the city of Neo-Venezia ( which looks alot like Venice, Italy) you will follow the life of Akari, a gondolier-in-training as she trains her hardest to acheive her life long dream of becoming a professional Gondolier.

ichiyaoi girl was alone 6:08 PM

* * *

Blood Plus
byAsuka Katsura
=D You should read this book! I've enjoyed this book so much my ardor, or passion for drawing and writing has increased so much! =0 why you ask? =D Because novels like these actually inspire, not only me, but other readers to make their own 5-star novels for the world to read and love! So if you love blood thirsty laboratory gone wrong experiments, action, and -.- a little bit of romance, then you should have this book in hand!

ichiyaoi girl was alone 6:07 AM

* * *

Being a high school student, adopted daughter, having amnesia and is anemic?! WoW! -.- If a normal person had that, their blood pressure will be threw the roof! ~.~ i feel sorry for Saya Otonashi, because she has every single trait and worse happens once she meets Hagi, a follower of Saya. Given no option, saya is forced to kill the chiropterans-(powerful creature that loves the taste of blood) in order to save her family and anyone else. Why does she have to kill them? Who is Hagi really? Isn't she just a ordinary girl? -or is she?

ichiyaoi girl was alone 6:06 AM

* * *